1947-48 Kellogg's Pep
Measure 1-3/8" x 1-5/8"
1947-48 Kellogg's Pep Jane Wyman1947-48 Kellogg's Pep Jane Wyman
Jane Wyman

At a later date I acquired some more Kellogg's PEP Trading Cards.  They are shown here:

1947 PEP Dana Andrews Trading Card
Dana Andrews
1947 PEP Humphrey Bogart Trading Card
Humphrey Bogart
1947 PEP Jack Carson Trading Card
Jack Carson
1947 PEP Claudette Colbert Trading Card
Claudette Colbert
1947 PEP Peggy Ann Garner Trading Card
Peggy Ann Garner
1947 PEP Virginia Mayo Trading Card
Virginia Mayo
1947 PEP Zachary Scott Trading Card
Zachary Scott
1947 PEP Barbara Stanwyck Trading Card
Barbara Stanwyck


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