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Late 1920's - Early 1930's Actresses Cards from Belgium

Yet another grouping of cards without any identifying markings.  I have two clues to operate on from this group: 1. They were purchased from a seller located in Belgium; 2. They are very similar to the De Film Films Stars cards found on The Movie Card Website.  In fact his Alice White card matches mine, but there are differences -- my cards, shown below, have blank backs.  Also these measure 1-7/8" X 2-1/2", actually even a slight tick below 2-1/2".  So, you've got me, all I can say with any sort of certainty is that they are likely from the pre-code period and they are almost certainly from Belgium.  All of the cards I purchased are shown below, then beneath them I've listed the names of other cards that the seller had (those I passed on).  Oddly, all of the cards listed are actresses, except for one male star (Lars Hanson).  At least this gives us some semblance of a checklist.

1920s-1930s Renee Adoree Card from Belgium
Renee Adoree

1920s-1930s Vilma Banky Card from Belgium
Vilma Banky

1920s-1930s Dolores Del Rio Card from Belgium
Dolores Del Rio

1920s-1930s Lya De Putti Card from Belgium
Lya De Putti

1920s-1930s Janet Gaynor Card from Belgium
Janet Gaynor

1920s-1930s Lillian Gish Card from Belgium
Lillian Gish

1920s-1930s Corinne Griffith Card from Belgium
Corinne Griffith

1920s-1930s Phyllis Haver Card from Belgium
Phyllis Haver

1920s-1930s Pola Negri Card from Belgium
Pola Negri

1920s-1930s Anna Q. Nilsson Card from Belgium
Anna Q. Nilsson

1920s-1930s Mary Pickford Card from Belgium
Mary Pickford

1920s-1930s Alma Rubens Card from Belgium
Alma Rubens

1920s-1930s Lupe Velez Card from Belgium
Lupe Velez

Eleanor Boardman
Olive Borden
Betty Bronson
Betty Compson
Maria Corda
Lil Dagover
Lucy Dorraine
Jetta Goudal
Georgia Hale
Lars Hanson
Doris Kenyon

Natalie Kingston
Arlette Marchal
Greta Nissen
Anny Ondra
Henny Porten
Esther Ralston
Pauline Starke
Alice Terry
Olga Tschechowa
Virginia Valli
Lois Wilson