1929 Nicolas Sarony & Co.
Cinema Studies

From England. Measure 1-9/16" x 2-1/2"

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Reverse of Card

Belle Bennett

Dolores Del Rio

June Marlowe

Checklist of 25 With Card Numbers:
1. George Lewis and Dorothy Gulliver
2. Dolores Del Rio
3. William Desmond
4. Glenn Tryon & Kathryn Crawford
5. Mary Philbin
6. Richard Talmadge
7. June Marlowe
8. Ted Wells
9. Marion Nixon
10. Jacqueline Logan
11. Laura La Plante
12. Constance Bennett
13. Belle Bennett
14. Renee Adoree and Conrad Nagel
15. Wanda Wiley
16. Olga Baclanova
17. Jane Winton
18. Laura La Plante and Joseph Schildkraut
19. Jack Hoxie
20. Ethlyne Claire
21. Dorothy Gulliver
22. Madge Bellamy
23. Pauline Starke
24. Fred Mackaye and Mary Philbin
25. Betty Compson

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