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1920's-30's Film Strip Cards

Measure appx. 2" X 2-5/8"

I'm honestly not positive what I have here--my best guess is that these are strip cards, though they may very likely be cut from the box of some product.  What is certain is that the left and/or right borders have a scored line for the cards to be clipped from a strip or a package.  Backs are blank, like the back of a strip card or the inside of a package.  Cards are on a heavy cardboard stock. 

I have mostly green toned cards, but another couple (Hoot Gibson and Rod La Rocque) which are bordered in black film with black backgrounds.  The black toned cards feature different stars than the green-toned cards, so it is not clear if the entire set was produced in each tone or if the colors represent different series.  Pictured below are each of the eleven different cards that I acquired.  I have only seen these the time that I purchased them. 

If you have any information leading to the true origins of these cards please contact me and I'll update the page. 

Clara Bow Film Strip Card
Clara Bow
Nancy Carroll Film Strip Card
Nancy Carroll
Gary Cooper Film Strip Card
Gary Cooper
Douglas Fairbanks Jr Film Strip Card
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Janet Gaynor Film Strip Card
Janet Gaynor
Hoot Gibson Film Strip Card
Hoot Gibson
William Haines Film Strip Card
Bill Haines
Rod LaRocque Film Strip Card
Rod La Rocque
Colleen Moore Film Strip Card
Colleen Moore
Jack Oakie Film Strip Card
Jack Oakie
Charles Buddy Rogers Film Strip Card
Buddy Rogers