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T&D Theatre & Kinema Theatre
Advertising Cards

I acquired these cards together so I am grouping them together on this page.  Both types measure 1-3/4" x 2-3/4" and look to be from the same "set."  The only difference that I see is that the earlier 1917 cards advertise the T&D Theatre, while the later 1919-20 cards advertise the Kinema Theatre.  Both sides of each card are shown below.  Click on each thumbnail to view a larger version.

Blanche Sweet
"The Unpardonable Sin"
April 1919


Bryant Washburn
"Love Insurance"
September 1919


Catherine Calvert
"The Career of Katherine Bush"
August 1919


Clara Kimball Young
"The Eyes of Youth"


Gloria Swanson
"Don't Change Your Husband"
March 1919


Doris May & Douglas MacLean
"What Is Your Husband Doing?"


Elsie Ferguson
"The Lie"
October 1918


Sessue Hayakawa
"The Secret Game"
January 1917 (or 1918)


Henry B. Walthall
"False Faces"
March 1919

Hobart Bosworth
"Behind the Door"

Pauline Frederick
"Sleeping Fires"