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1915-16 B&W Cards with Borders

I just came across these and don't have any idea of who issued them.  They are very similar to the various cards issued by the Kromo Gravure Company in 1917.  The backs on these cards are blank and they have squared white borders.  They are slightly larger at what appears to be ideally 2-3/8" X 3-3/4" with the black & white images inside the borders measuring 2-1/16" X 3-1/2".  I say ideally because the back of 115 cards I acquired all have trimmed edges leading me to believe that they were either hand-cut from a sheet almost like strip cards or possibly a food issue that was cut off boxes.  Another difference as they appear to be a slightly earlier issue than the Kromo Gravure cards.  I searched all 114 of the 115 stars I could identify on the imDb and have decided that these could have been issued no earlier than 1915 and no later than 1916.  Several (close to half at first glance) of the stars depicted on these cards I have not come across in any other early sets.  This may in fact be the only cardboard appearances made by several of these early movie stars.  There seem to be different or unique poses for just about all of the other stars who appear more commonly in card sets (a notable exception is Lillian Gish, whose pose is the same as in the 1917 Kromo Gravure 1,2,3 sets).  A brief gallery of sixteen cards follow and beneath that will be a listing of the 114 cards that are identifiable.  The gallery includes the biggest stars that were included with this grouping of cards.

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Clara Kimball Young

Dolores Costello

Dorothy Gish

Douglas Fairbanks

Hughie Mack

Lillian Gish

Louise Fazenda

Mae Marsh

Maurice Costello

Norma Talmadge

Pearl White

Robert E. Harron

Roscoe Arbuckle

Theda Bara

Viola Dana

Madeleine & Marion Fairbanks

Checklist of 114 Known Cards:
Agnes Vernon
Alice Hollister
Alice Howell
Anita King
Anita Stewart
Arline Pretty
Augustus Phillips
Beatrice Van
Bessie Barriscale
Billie Rhodes
Billie Ritchie
Billy Quirk
Blanche Ring
Boyd Marshall
Bryant Washburn
Bud Duncan
Carey L. Hastings
Carlyle Blackwell
Charlotte Walker
Clara Kimball Young
Cleo Ridgley
Della Connor
Dolores Costello
Dorothy Bernard
Dorothy Donnelly
Dorothy Gish
Douglas Fairbanks
Dustin Farnum
Edgar Jones
Edmund Breese
Edna Payne
Edward Earle
Edwin August
Ella Hall
Elsie Janis
Fannie Ward
Flora Finch
Francis Ford
Frank Borzage
Gertrude Robinson
Gertrude Selby
Gladys Hulette
Grace Eline
Harris Gordon
Harry C. Myers
Harry Millarde
Harry Pollard
Harry T. Morey
Harry Von Meter
Helen Costello
Helen Holmes
Hobart Bosworth
Hughie Mack
Irene Fenwick
Irene Hunt
Jackie Saunders
Jane Novak
John E. Brennan
John Hines
Julius Steger
J.W. Johnston
Katharine Lewis
Lee Moran
Lillian Gish
Lillian Lorraine
Lillian Walker
Lloyd Hamilton
Lois Weber
Louise Fazenda
Louise Huff
Louise Lester
Lucille Lee Stewart
Madeleine & Marion Fairbanks
Mae Hotely
Mae Marsh
Margaret Gibson
Marie Empress
Marie Newton
Marie Walcamp
Majorie Daw
Martha Hedman
Mary Anderson
Mary Charleson
Mary Fuller
Mary Maurice
Matthew Moore
Maude Fealy
Maurice Costello
Marion Anderson
Miriam Nesbitt
Mona Darkfeather
Myrtle Reeves
Myrtle Stedman
Norma Talmadge
Ormi Hawley
Pearl White
Phillips Smalley
Robert Harron
Robert Leonard
Roscoe Arbuckle
Ruth Stonehouse
Sidney Drew
Theda Bara
Velma Whitman
Vera Sisson
Viola Dana
Violet Mersereau
Virginia Kirtley
Vivian Blackburn
Vivian Prescott
Vivian Rich
Wally Van
William Garwood
William Russell