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1910's Real Photo Movie Cards 

No manufacturer is indicated on these 1-11/16" X 2-3/4" blank backed cards.  Each star's name is included on the photo by way of facsimile signature and the only other identifying features are the occasional inclusion of a photographer's or photographer's studio's name such as Witzel or Hartsook on a few of the cards.  Glossy finish, images more sepia than black and white.  The backs appear a little toned on the group that I acquired, but I believe they were probably white or a slightly off-white when issued.   All that I have seen are those I had purchased as a group, all of those appear here:

Beverly Bayne Real Photo Card
Beverly Bayne * (1 of 2)

Beverly Bayne Real Photo Card
Beverly Bayne * (2 of 2)

Gladys Brockwell Real Photo Card
Gladys Brockwell

Irene Castle Real Photo Card
Mrs. Vernon Castle

Dorothy Gish Real Photo Card
Dorothy Gish

Elaine Hammerstein Real Photo Card
Elaine Hammerstein

Louise Huff Real Photo Card
Louise Huff

Bessie Love Real Photo Card
Bessie Love

Edna Maison Real Photo Card
Edna Maison

Mae Marsh Real Photo Card
Mae Marsh

Dorothy Phillips Real Photo Card
Dorothy Phillips

Edna Purviance Real Photo Card
Edna Purviance

Constance Talmadge Real Photo Card
Constance Talmadge

Norma Talmadge Real Photo Card
Norma Talmadge

Lenore Ulrich Real Photo Card
Lenore Ulrich

* Bayne is actually mispelled "Bane" in each of these scripted signatures.
** Hartsook or Witzel refer to photographers or photographer's studio credited within the photo.  Some cards contain the complete name, others cut off after a few letters.