Motion Picture Story Magazine
December 1911

I recently purchased this early issue of Motion Picture Story just to see what was inside.  I'll be exploring this single issue in the coming months both here on as well as on my magazine site which includes a history of the early movie magazines.  In case you don't click over there, I will briefly mention here that Motion Picture Story Magazine is considered the first movie magazine targeted to the movie fan with its debut issue dated February 1911.  So as you can see the issue that I picked up is pretty early!

The first part of the magazine that I wanted to share was the gallery of photos which the issue opens with.  I had originally planned to write up a brief profile on each of these early players, but truth be told, I don't really have any info on most of them!  Sure, there are a few early stars here that are better known and I could piece a profile together, which I'll possibly do in the future.  But I targeted the lesser known names first and was rewarded with, well, with not too much!

I will include the basics under each photo and any relevant links that I did come across, so at least until I do my work you can find out a little more about these very early films stars.  Enjoy:

Anne Schafer
Anna Nichols

Florence Lawrence
Herbert Prior
Zena Keife
Jack J. Clark
Gene Gauntier
Ethel Jewett
William West
Ralph Ince
Mae Hotaling
Yale Boss
Helen Gardner
Alice Joyce

See early film stars also under 1911 Vitagraph Players 3-1/2 X 5-1/2 Cards.


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