Anna Nichols

Anna Nichols threw me a curveball, by which I mean she was not primarily an actress.  This image from Motion Picture Story Magazine does list her as working for M�li�s, and a search on the imdb credits both of her credited films as having been produced by M�li�s.  I thought that'd be all there was to say about Anna Nichols, but then I noticed that she was actually listed on the imdb as Anne Nichols and that she had more writing credits than acting credits.  Turns out Anne Nichols was a well-known playwright in the early twentieth century, with her most famous work being "Albie's Irish Rose" (1922).  Several of her plays were also made into films.

Read all about "Albie's Irish Rose" in this 2004 article from "Hibernian Chronicle" a weekly column of the Irish Echo.


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