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Movie Star Writing Tablets 

William S Hart Writing TabletJust prior to composing this page I picked up the William S. Hart tablet that is featured and then decided to search both eBay and Google for other examples of Movie Star Writing Tablets.  I found little general information, managed to spend just under $50 on eBay, and discovered that there is both some variety in available tablets, as well as enough rarity to indicate they should be more highly sought after.

The Hart tablet, labeled "Famous Stars" and presumptively part of a larger grouping or set of movie star writing tablets, was one of the earlier examples that I came across, likely dating to the 1910's, or perhaps early 1920's.  This tablet measures approximately 5-1/2" X 9".

Moving along chronologically, the next item I found had been sold by an eBayer in Italy and was a similarly sized tablet featuring Viola Dana.  The differences, well, it was in color for one and labeled "Movie Stars" rather than famous stars.  I'd guess it was issued around the same time, if not earlier, than the William S. Hart piece.

From the 1920's I came across another 5-1/2" X 9" tablet, in color, featuring Clara Bow as well as a larger 8" X 10" writing tablet, this one in black and white, featuring Norma Shearer.  The Bow tablet was marked "Popular Movie Star" while the Shearer was titled "Moving Picture Stars."

Next was cowboy Hoot Gibson, in color, on a 7-3/4" X 10" tablet which just said "Movie Star"

The next one was one of the ones I bought.  Size to be determined upon delivery, but it features Ava Gardner in black & white and is from the 1940's.

And then there are the "Movies" color tablets of which the Maureen O'Hara tablet cover shown below is an example.  I bought a few of these (guess which!) from a dealer who carried the following 1940's movie stars: Veronica Lake, Greer Garson, Ann Sheridan, Jane Powell, Maureen O'Hara, Cary Grant, Van Johnson, and John Wayne.  This particular issue is the one that I've run across the most, but I must say they're so attractive that I wonder why their popularity doesn't more closely replace the vibrant Dixie Premiums of those years.

Also shown below are a couple of other 8" X 10" movie star writing tablets with similar but slightly different designs.  One features Rita Hayworth and the other Diana Lynn.  The only other text on these are the movie studios, Columbia Pictures for Hayworth and Paramount Pictures for Lynn.

And a few months after I first created this page I purchased the Errol Flynn tablet found in the bottom row below.  It says "Movie Star" and for some reason shows a fishing scene next to Flynn's image (perhaps to just generally appeal to boys?).  It's also 8" X 10".

Certainly Movie Star Writing Tablets are a somewhat overlooked area of collecting, one which I've always found very affordable in the past and confirmed the same holds true at the time of writing this page.

You can search eBay for currently available Writing Tablets in both the Entertainment Memorabilia category and the Collectibles category.  Good luck!

Maureen O'Hara Writing Tablet Cover
Maureen O'Hara
Rita Hayworth Writing Tablet Cover
Rita Hayworth
Diana Lynn Writing Tablet Cover
Diana Lynn

Update: Much to my surprise, even before I've first published this page, I've already received the writing tablets that were ordered during the research of this page.  They follow this text, and when they or any other tablets in the future are made available for sale in my store you'll be able to find them here.

Veronica Lake Writing Tablet
Veronica Lake
John Wayne Writing Tablet
John Wayne
Cary Grant Writing Tablet
Cary Grant
Greer Garson Writing Tablet
Greer Garson
1940's Errol Flynn Writing Tablet
Errol Flynn
Ava Gardner Writing Tablet
Ava Gardner