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1920's-30's Kashin Motion Picture Stars

Measure 3-3/8" x 4-1/2" - Issued by Kashin Publications, New York

I believe these carry the ACC (American Card Catalog) designation W618, which is described by Burdick as follows: "Motion Picture Stars, Brody Novelty, 3-1/4 X 4-1/4, b&w (Kashin)."  I'm not familiar with any mention of Brody Novelty, and the size is slightly off, but the mention of Kashin pretty much cements the designation to me.

These cards were likely issued in the late 1920's, though the very early 30's remain as a possibility as well, and thus consist of an interesting mix of latter silent stars and early talkie stars.  The Kashin sets were issued in four different colored box sets of 24 cards apiece, totaling 96 cards in all.  Black and white photos with white borders, measuring 3-3/8" X 4-1/2" with blank backs. 

This is the introductory page to the Kashin Photo ID Guide -- Click any colored box below to see the contents of each of the Kashin Motion Picture Stars sets.

If I had to choose one date to assign to this set I'd go with 1929, as that's when Kashin issued it's better known and more valuable baseball set, ACC designation R316.  Our friends over at Old Cardboard place a $15 per card value on commons from the baseball set.  They note that the baseball sets were likewise distributed in four color coded boxes, only there was an extra card in each of those boxes, and perhaps a variation of some sort as the card count for the baseball set is listed at 101.

Click any of the four different box backs to enter that boxes specific Photo ID Guide:

Front of empty box - Kashin Motion Picture Stars
Front of Blue Box

Back of orange box - Kashin Motion Picture Stars
Orange Colored Box

Back of blue box - Kashin Motion Picture Stars
Blue Colored Box

Back of coral box - Kashin Motion Picture Stars
Coral Colored Box

Back of canary box - Kashin Motion Picture Stars
Canary Colored Box