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1920's Picturegoer Postcards

These are British issued postcards put out by the movie magazine Picturegoer from the 1920's through the 1960's.  The examples below are all from the 20's to possibly the early 1930's at the latest.  The first image of the Slide Show below shows what a typical reverse side looks like.  Each postcard measures 3-1/2" X 5-1/2".  Real photos with glossy finish on front.  On the back of each card is a number.  The lettering after some of the numbers denotes the series that the card was from.  The first series had no lettering, it was followed by Series "A", Series "B", etc...

Here are a couple of other sites with more extensive information on this issue:
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Picturegoer Series Checklist

Notes on the Slideshow:
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All images found in the slide show above are of collectibles that we either have sold or currently have for sale.

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Below: Checklist of all Picturegoer 88 postcards I've seen including the 50 shown in Slide Show above.

12a  Mae Murray
19    Alice Terry
30b  Ramon Novarro
44a  Milton Sills
48b  Clive Brook
54c  John Stuart
57   Alice Terry
67a  Mary Philbin
78c  Conrad Nagel
86a  Kenneth Harlan
100a Marie Prevost
105a Leatrice Joy
122c John Gilbert
124  Pola Negri
126a Douglas Fairbanks
129  Rod La Rocque
130  Marjorie Hume
164a Jack Mulhall
178a Viola Dana
188a Dorothy Mackaill
200  May McAvoy
202  Ronald Colman
206  Norma Shearer
210  Laura La Plante
214a Ricardo Cortez
218  Aileen Pringle
226  Betty Balfour

233a Constance Talmadge
242a Renee Adoree
247  Pauline Starke
252  Sally O'Neil
259  Rin-Tin-Tin - The Famous Film Dog
262  Dolores Costello
268a Billie Dove
277  Lawrence Gray
278  Neil Hamilton
280a Lya de Putti
290  Ralph Forbes
292  Isabel Jeans
302  Dolores Del Rio
321  Helene Costello
322  Phyllis Haver
329a Estelle Brody
331  Walter Butler
332  Charles Farrell
334  James Hall
341  Nils Asther
356  Lupe Velez
362  Mabel Poulton
369  Glen Tryon
375  Lili Damita
376  Alice White
385  Olga Baclanova
461  Robert Montgomery
814  Pat Paterson