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Photoplay Magazine Checklist

Nations are listed alphabetically and followed by photos of the covers of magazines.

Cine-Mundial from Cuba Dec 1940 Ann Sheridan

Ann Sheridan
Cine-Mundial - December 1940

Cinelandia from Cuba Jan 1940 Jeanette MacDonald
Jeanette MacDonald
Cinelandia - January 1940

Cinelandia from Cuba March 1938 Dorothy Lamour
Dorothy Lamour
Cinelandia - March 1938

Filmjournalen from Finland 1929 Clara Bow on Cover

Clara Bow
Filmjournalen - 1929

Filmjournalen Aug 28,1927 John Barrymore & Dolores Costello
John Barrymore & Dolores Costello
Filmjournalen - August 28, 1927

Filmjournalen from Finland 1927 Clara Bow
Clara Bow
Filmjournalen - 1927

Cinefilo from Portugal Nov 11, 1938 Clark Gable & Spencer Tracy & Myrna Loy

Clark Gable & Myrna Loy & Spencer Tracy
Cinefilo - November 11, 1938

Cinefilo from Portugal Dec 10, 1932 Clark Gable & Joan Crawford
Clark Gable & Joan Crawford
Cinefilo - December 10, 1932

Imagem from Portugal Apr 21, 1933 JEAN HARLOW
Jean Harlow
Imagem - April 21, 1933


Kay Francis
Lecturas -- August 1936

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