1920's-1950's Fan Photos
Photo Gallery
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Charlie Farrell

Edith Fellows

Harrison Ford

Allan Forrest

Kay Francis

Betty Furness

Pauline Garon

John Gilbert #1

John Gilbert #2 (different style)

Dorothy Gish

Ralph Graves (lips tinted)

Lawrence Gray #1

Lawrence Gray #2

Harry Green

Alan Hale

James Hall

Neil Hamilton

Louis Hayward

Jackie Heller (signed "To Harold...)

Paul Henreid

Doris Hill

Jack Holt #1

Jack Holt #2

Bob Hope

Glenn Hunter

Leila Hyams

Sybil Jason

Leatrice Joy

Alice Joyce (mounting damage on back)

Raymond Keane

Larry Kent #1

Larry Kent #2

Larry Kent #3

Kay Kyser

Laura La Plante

Rod La Rocque #1

Rod La Rocque #2

Alice Lake (mounting damage at corners on back)

Rosemary Lane #1

Rosemary Lane #2

Gwen Lee (4-3/4" X 7-5/8")

Ann Little (corner damage from mounting on back)

Jeanette Loff

Edmund Lowe #1

Edmund Lowe #2

Sharon Lynn #1 (Melbourne Spurr credit on front)

Sharon Lynn #2

Kenneth MacKenna

Mary MacLaren (corner damage from mounting on back)

Marion Marlowe (different style - gloss)

Shirley Mason (4-1/4" X 6-1/2")

Ray McDonald

Malcolm McGregor (4-1/4" X 6-1/2")

Raymond McKee

Thomas Meighan #1

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