1933 -1954 Dixie Cup Lids
Dixie Cup lids featuring Movie Stars were issued from 1933-1954.  They were issued in two sizes, 2.25 inches in diameter, and 2.75 inches in diameter.  Below are several samples grouped together by the three different decades in which they were issued.  At the very bottom of the page are a couple of examples of different reverses.  There were many issues besides movies as well including Baseball Stars, Circus Animals, Presidents, and Military related issues.  As you will see right on some of the examples below you could mail in a number of Dixie Lids (12) to receive a beautiful Dixie Premium Photo.  

"Of Dixie Cups" a poem by Lad Moore published on his blog Derimacasi Cumbali

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1937-39 -- 2.25"

Carole Lombard Dixie Lid
Carole Lombard

Clark Gable Dixie Lid
Clark Gable
Jean Harlow Dixie Lid
Jean Harlow
Myrna Loy Dixie Lid
Myrna Loy
Sonja Henie Dixie Lid
Sonja Henie
Alice Faye Dixie Lid
Alice Faye
Madeleine Carroll Dixie Lid
Madeleine Carroll
Merle Oberon Dixie Lid
Merle Oberon
Nelson Eddy Dixie Lid
Nelson Eddy

1940's -- 2.25"

Veronica Lake & Alan Ladd Dixie Lid
Veronica Lake & Alan Ladd
Ginger Rogers Dixie Lid
Ginger Rogers
Betty Grable Dixie Lid
Betty Grable
Larry Parks Dixie Lid
Larry Parks
Veronica Lake Dixie Lid
Veronica Lake
Peter Lawford Dixie Lid
Peter Lawford

1950-1954 -- 2.25"

Clark Gable Dixie Lid
Clark Gable

Roy Rogers Dixie Lid
Roy Rogers
Yvonne De Carlo Dixie Lid
Yvonne DeCarlo
Bob Hope Dixie Lid
Bob Hope
Johnny Mack Brown Dixie Lid
Johnny Mack Brown
Whip Wilson Dixie Lid
Whip Wilson

1952 -- 2.75"

Alan Ladd Dixie Lid
Alan Ladd

Jean Peters Dixie Lid
Jean Peters
Gene Kelly Dixie Lid
Gene Kelly

Reverse Sides

Hoodsie Back

Dixie/Velvet Back

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