1968 Chicago American Newspaper Inserts

Rudolph Valentino PosterWhat a find!  First of all these posters are very rare having appeared only in the Chicago American paper during 1968.  Second off, the Chicago American had quality in mind when producing them--the backs of these are entirely blank except for two notations and a number on each.  The paper is newspaper stock, so there is no bleeding through of materials from print matter on the reverse.  The folds are as you see, each poster has been divided into eight quadrants because of this, but the paper holds strong--these are not brittle.

Paul Revere & the Raiders PosterAs a whole this collection represents a trip back in time.  Many of the actors are classic, though a few very dated--how about using that valuable publishing space on Raymond Burr in Ironside?  The musicians represent the all-time classics such as Elvis or The Beatles and then some retro flashbacks provided by legends such as Nancy Sinatra and The Mamas and the Papas.


Jimmy Cagney PosterJames Dean PosterJimmy Stewart Poster
Above, left to right: James Cagney, James Dean, James Stewart
Elvis Presley PosterNancy Sinatra PosterThe Mamas and the Papas Poster
Above, left to right: Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra, The Mamas and the Papas
The Beatles PosterThe Monkees Poster
Above, left to right: The Beatles, The Monkees



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