1963 Topps Monster Flip Movies

These are so cool, yet unfortunately I couldn't find a way to display them properly because I use a scanner and not a camera.  What is displayed below are a few examples of the outside covers of these vintage Flip Books.  Inside, by my count, are 30 pages of black & white photos, which if you understand the flip book concept basically show a similar image progressing from beginning to end of the book's story.

This set of 36 different Flip Movies was issued by Topps in 1963 during the nostalgic horror movie phase of that period.  The films featured include classics such as Boris Karloff as both Frankenstein and the Mummy, Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman, and even the later Creature of the Black Lagoon. 

Apparently these were originally sold as pairs, which explains why one edge on each of the flipbooks seems rougher than the other three, but I've only seen them available as the more practical, fun and flippable singles.  Each flipbook measures appx. 2-1/4" X 2-1/2" and is appx. 3/8" thick.

Third party information on these in particular were limited but I did come across a couple of sites about flip books in general which were very well done, including the Bitter Cinema blog, which includes an image of an original wrapper, and the incredible FLIPBOOK.info site, which is so all encompassing that you may find yourself with a new hobby by the time you leave there!  Also of relevance are the The 1st Ten Years of Monster Cards on Monsterwax.com and this early history of Monster Cards 1959-1963 from Good Stuff Cards.

Following below are a few examples of the outside covers of these fun collectibles, and under that a checklist of those I've either had or seen available.  The first skull image stating "Collect All 36 Movies" is on the front of each of the flipbooks.

1  - Death Struggle*
2  -
3  - The Mummy Awakens
4  - The Creature Emerges
5  -
6  -
7  -
8  -
9  -
11- Fight to the Finish*
12- Kidnapped by Frankenstein
17- Frankenstein Takes a Bride
18- Fiend of the Forest**
19- Underwater Combat***
23- Here Comes Frankenstein
27- Night Attack**
28- Frankenstein Goes Wild
36- The Creature's Captive
*refers to The Mummy, **to The Wolfman, ***to The Creature


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