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1955 Masquerade Party Game

This collectible also includes stars from the sports and music world, as it was based on a television game show program which used current celebrities. Immediately below you'll find a cropped image of the box cover at the left and to the right the game rules which are found on the inside of the box cover.  Following those are the highlight of this game, the individual cards of the personalities.  Each card measures 8-1/2 inches tall when closed and a full 16 inches when opened up revealing the personality inside.  I have included three scans of each of the 16 numbered cards in the game.  The first scan is the card when closed, the second is the reverse when closed which includes clues to identifying the personality, and the final image (at the far right) is the opened card revealing the personality.  Click on any of the thumbnail images have a larger image open.

Cropped image of Game Box Cover
Interesting -- Type Variation Found
Constance Bennett Type Variation
From different game sets, both cards read "Constance Bennett"
The same is true of all cards.  All personalities are the same, only the type is different: A) Print; B) Script

Game Rules on Inside Box Cover
#1 Paul Whiteman

#2 Maxie Rosenbloom

#3 Leo Durocher & Laraine Day

#4 George Jessel

#5 Admiral Byrd

#6 Jack Dempsey

#7 Edgar Bergen

#8 Billy Gilbert

#9 Skitch Henderson & Faye Emerson

#10 Sammy Kaye

#11 Constance Bennett

#12 Pee Wee Reese

#13 Ann Rutherford

#14 Jackie Cooper

#15 Douglas Edwards

#16 Art Linkletter