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1954 Star Pictures Premium Photos

Directly below is the envelope that the Star Pictures Premium Photos were originally shipped in. (The actual premiums follow below the envelope).  While the postmark does not give away the date, the original owner of these was courteous enough to write in pencil on the envelope "Group B received Monday June 21, 1954" thus giving us our date for these high quality premiums. These blank backed items measure approximately 7-1/2 X 11-1/2 inches and are printed on a slightly heavier than usual paper stock.

1954 Star Picture Marilyn Monroe Premium Photo
Marilyn Monroe

1954 Star Picture Lucy Ball Premium Photo
Lucille Ball

1954 Star Picture Rita Hayworth Premium Photo
Rita Hayworth

1954 Star Picture Jane Russell Premium Photo
Jane Russell

1954 Star Picture Ava Gardner Premium Photo
Ava Gardner

1954 Star Picture Janet Leigh Premium Photo
Janet Leigh

1954 Star Picture Lana Turner Premium Photo
Lana Turner

1954 Star Picture Ertha Kitt Premium Photo
Eartha Kitt

1954 Star Picture Susan Hayward Premium Photo
Susan Hayward

1954 Star Picture Zsa Zsa Gabor Premium Photo
Zsa Zsa Gabor

1954 Star Picture Doris Day Premium Photo
Doris Day

1954 Star Picture Debra Paget Premium Photo
Debra Paget

1954 Star Picture Piper Laurie Premium Photo
Piper Laurie

1954 Star Picture Debbie Reynolds Premium Photo
Debbie Reynolds

1954 Star Picture Deborah Kerr Premium Photo
Deborah Kerr