1947 Kwatta

Reverse side of 1947 Kwatta Cards These black & white cards come from Belgium and were issued by Kwatta with their chocolates.  These are printed on a paper stock and measure approximately 1-7/8" X 3-1/16" with that stars name and studio listed at the bottom.  All of those pictured here are from the first series of 96 cards.  We also had a Lana Turner card from a different set, which if you click over to you'll see uses the same photo but is a different size with a different back.
1947 Kwatta Ann Sothern Card
Ann Sothern
1947 Kwatta Clark Gable Card
Clark Gable
1947 Kwatta Donna Reed Card
Donna Reed
1947 Kwatta Esther Williams Card
Esther Williams
1947 Kwatta Frank Sinatra Card
Frank Sinatra
1947 Kwatta Gene Kelly Card
Gene Kelly
1947 Kwatta Greta Garbo Card
Greta Garbo
1947 Kwatta Judy Garland Card
Judy Garland
1947 Kwatta Lan Turner Card
Lana Turner
1947 Kwatta Lina Romay Card
Lina Romay
1947 Kwatta Elizabeth Taylor Card
Elizabeth Taylor
1947 Kwatta Marilyn Maxwell Card
Marilyn Maxwell

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