1929-early 1930's Premios Coupon Cards

These appear to be Spanish trading cards/redemption coupons.  Top of reverse reads "Premios poro Los Consumidores del Te Maharanee," the middle area has a brief summary of the star, the bottom reads in part "Esta Lamina Representa Un Cupon" and "Duncan, Fox & Co., Ltd." is also mentioned. Measures approximately 1-3/8" X 2-1/4". Orange/peach borders prone to chipping.

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Reverse of Card

Buster Keaton

Loretta Young

Richard Barthelmess

Checklist of 30 With Card Numbers:

1.   Dolores Costello
2.   Corinne Griffith (spelled Griffiths on card)
3.   Billie Dove
4.   Kathryn Crawford
5.   Loretta Young
6.   Janet Gaynor
7.   Lois Moran
8.   Laura La Plante
9.   Anita Page
10. Betty Compson
11. Dorothy Sebastian
12. Mary Nolan
13. ?
14. ?
15. ?

16. Dorothy Mackaill
17. Josephine Dunn
18. Lilyan Tashman
19. Evelyn Brent
20. Norma Shearer
21. Richard Barthelmess
22. ?
23. George O'Brien
24. Hoot Gibson
25. Buster Keaton
26. John Barrymore
27. Ivor Novello
28. Otis Harlan
29. Adolphe Menjou
30. Conrad Nagel

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