1929 Movie-Land Keeno Game
Below: Cover of box:
1929 Movie-Land Keeno Box Cover
The bottom right corner of the box cover above does contain a notation of "Copyright 1929 by Wilder Mfg. Co., St. Louis, USA," however the presence of some of the stars depicted on either the Large KEENO Cards or the smaller CALLING Cards (playing cards) seem to point to the depicted edition of the game being later than 1929.  The most notorious example of this is pictured on both a KEENO and a CALLING card, and that is a youthful Clark Gable.  While this is definitely the Gable of the pre-code days, as emphasized by his clean upper lip, Gable's serious movie credits do not begin until 1931.  Therefore, to hazard a guess, I would estimate that the game depicted here is from about 1932-33.  But for simplicity's sake, and due to the copyright notation on the box cover being the only identifying date, we will refer to the game and all pieces as being from 1929. The links immediately beneath this paragraph will take you to Photo Identification Pages for both the Large KEENO Cards and the smaller CALLING Card mentioned above.  The scan below those links is of the inside box cover and contains the directions to the game.

UPDATE: March 2005--I have purchased three games thus far which all followed the information I gave on these pages, however I just purchased a set which definitely dates closer to the 1929 copyright date.  This set contains numerous different "Calling Cards" including likenesses of earlier stars such as Lon Chaney Sr. and Buster Keaton, neither of whom is present in the later 1932-33 era game.  Information to become available at the appropriate links immediately below as time permits.  (Calling Cards page has now been updated).


Below:  Directions Found on Inside Box Cover:
1929 Movie-Land Keeno Game Directions

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