Schedules for the Colonial Theatre in Monrovia, CA
October 1923 - April 1924

I couldn't find much/any information about this theatre on the Net, except for other people looking for information about it.  What I've posted below are the front covers to Colonial Theatre Programs, 1923-24.  At the right of the image I've copied the entire schedule for the week as included in the program.  Each program measures approximately 5-5/8" X 9" when closed (as shown) and 11" X 9" when opened.  4-pages, single sheet, printed on both sides and folded.  Mid to heavy stock paper.  Just text inside, no additional images, but three of them did come with a color insert (shown when included). 

Note: There are several images stacked on this page and it may take some time to load. I figured anyone who's interested won't mind the time.

Most of the films are preceded by an Organ Solo, News Events, and sometimes a short feature.  When any additional features are mentioned I have included them.  When a star's name is bolded that star is featured on the cover of the program.  Enjoy your trip back in time, even if you're not a collector!

Week of Sunday, October 7, 1923

October 7, 8, 9:
Pola Negri in "The Cheat" a George Fitzmaurice production with Jack Holt supported by Charles de Roche

October 10, 11:
"Spooks and Spirits" Monty Bank's Comedy followed by "The Man Next Door"

October 12, 13:
"The Midnight Alarm" with Alice Calhoun, Percy Marmont, Cullen Landis

Week of Sunday, November 4, 1923

November 4, 5:
Baby Peggy in "Carmen Jr." followed by King Vidor's "3 Wise Fools: A Goldwyn Picture.

November 6:
"Felix the Cat" Cartoon Comedy and then Enid Bennett in "Keeping Up With Lizzie"

November 7:
"The Buster" with Dustin Farnum

November 8, 9, 10:
"When Summer Comes" a comedy, then "The Apostle of Joy" followed by Douglas MacLean, World's Comedy Ace, in "Going Up"

Week of Sunday, November 25, 1923

November 25, 26, 27: Mabel Normand in "The Extra Girl (A Story of Studio Life)"

November 28, 29: Thomas Meighan in "Woman-Proof"

November 30 - December 1:
Douglas Fairbanks Presents "The Three Musketeers" 
In this production "Doug" has achieved the ambition of his life--and registers with it, what is by all odds the great, outstanding success of his career..."

Week of Sunday, December 2, 1923

December 2, 3:
Constance Talmadge in "The Dangerous Maid"

December 4, 5:
Emory Johnson Presents "The Mail Man" with Ralph Lewis and the same cast as "The Midnight Alarm"

December 6, 7, 8:
"Where the North Begins" featuring RIN-TIN-TIN the Dog Wonder

*Mariam Cooper

Week of Sunday, December 9, 1923

December 9, 10, 11:
Thomas H. Ince's Masterpiece "Hats off to the Ladies" a James Cruze production with Edward Horton, Theodore Roberts, Helen Jerome Eddy, Louise Dresser

December 12, 13:
"Black Fire" followed by "Moters-In_Law" with Gaston Glass, Josef Swickard, Ruth Clifford, Crauford Kent, Edith Yorke, Viola Vale

December 14:
The return of Humanzee in his greatest comedy "Snooky's Treasure Island" followed by "Money, Money, Money!" with Katherine MacDonald

December 15:
Harry Carey in "Desert Driven"


Week of Sunday, December 16, 1923

December 16, 17:
D.W. Griffith's Triumph of Cheerful Mystery "One Exciting Night"

December 18, 19, 20:
Pola Negri in a Herbert Brenon Production "The Spanish Dancer" with Antonio Moreno

December 21, 22:
"Pioneer Trails" with Alice Calhoun and Cullen Landis

Week of Sunday, December 23, 1923

December 23, 24:
"The Light That Failed" a George Melford Production with Jacqueline Logan, Percy Marmont, Sigfrid Holmquist and David Torrence

December 25, 26, 27: "Hollywood" A James Cruze Picture with just about the entire Paramount Stable!

December 28, 29:
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in "Stephen Steps Out" with Theodore Roberts.  Here he is folks--Douglas Fairbanks Jr.--the new star in his first picture.  He's a reg'lar feller" with a winning smile, lots o' pep and a personality you'll love. And he's a born actor.  See him step out to the tune of gay youth.

Week of Sunday, December 30, 1923

December 30, 31:
"The Unknown Purple" with Henry B. Walthall and Alice Lake

January 1, 2:
Elinor Glyn's "6 Days" a Picture of Passion with Corinne Griffith and Frank Mayo

January 3, 4, 5:
"One Terrible Day" an Our Gang comedy followed by Harold Lloyd in "Why Worry"

Week of Sunday, January 13, 1924

January 13, 14, 15:
Larry Semon in "The Busher" followed by A Spanish Romance: Mary Pickford in "Rosita" with Holbrook Blinn

January 16, 17:
"The Counter Jumper" followed by "The Acquittal" with a tremendous cast, featuring Claire Windsor, Norman Kerry, Barbara Bedford, Richard Travers

January 18, 19: A DOUBLE BILL:
Hal Roach Presents Will Rogers in "Jus Passin' Through: followed by "Unseeing Eyes" with Lionel Barrymore, Seena Owen, Louis Wolheim

Week of Sunday, January 20, 1924

January 20, 21, 22:
"Flaming Youth" with Colleen Moore and an All-Star Cast including Milton Sills, Elliott Dexter, Slyvia Breamer, Ben Lyon, Myrtle Stedman

January 23:
The comedy "Winter Has Came" followed by the Emmett J. Flynn Production of "In the Palace of the King" with Blanche Sweet, Pauline Starke, Hobart Bosworth, Edmund Lowe

January 24, 25, 26:
"The Virginian" with Kenneth Harlan, Florence Vidor, Russell Simpson, Raymond Hatton, Pat O'Malley


Week of Sunday, January 27, 1924

January 27, 28, 29:
"Where is My Wandering Boy This Eve" a Ben Turpin comedy followed by Barney Barnard and Alex Carr as Abe and Mawruss in "Potash and Perlmutter"

January 30, 31:
George Arliss in "Green Goddess" with Alice Joyce, David Powell, Harry T. Morey

February 1, 2:
"The Huntress" featuring Colleen Moore supported by Lloyd Hughes, Russell Simpson, Walter Long, Chas. E. Anderson

Week of Sunday, February 3, 1924

February 3, 4, 5:
Norma Talmadge in her most Majestic Masterpiece "Ashes of Vengeance" with Conway Tearle, Wallace Beery, Courtenay Foote

February 6, 7:
"Slave of Desire" with George Walsh, Bessie Love, Carmel Myers

February 8, 9:
Part 2 of "Fighting Blood" followed by an George Melford Production "Flaming Barriers" with Jacqueline Logan, Antonio Moreno, Walter Hiers

Week of Sunday, February 10, 1924

February 10, 11, 12:
"Skylarking" A Mack Sennett Comedy followed by Charles Chaplin presents "A Woman of Paris" featuring Edna Purviance

February 13, 14:
Richard Dix, Leatrice Joy, Lewis Stone in"The Stranger"

February 15, 16:
Zane Grey's "The Call of the Canyon" with Richard Dix, Louis Wilson, Marjorie Daw


Week of Sunday, February 17, 1924

February 17, 18, 19:
"Black Oxen" with Corinne Griffith and Conway Tearle

February 20, 21:
"Temporary Marriage" with Kenneth Harland and Mildred Davis, supported by Myrtle Stedman, Tully Marshall, Stuart Holmes, Maude George

February 22, 23:
Part 2 of "Fighting Blood" followed by William S. Hart in "Wild Bill Hickok"

Week of Sunday, February 24, 1924

February 24, 25, 26: Two for One Price!
Will Rogers in "Two Wagons - Both Covered" and Kate Jordan's "The Next Corner" with Conway Tearle, Dorothy Mackaill, Lon Chaney, Ricardo Cortex, Louise Dresser

February 27, 28:
"His Children's Children" with Bebe Daniels, Dorothy Mackaill, James Rennie, George Fawcett

February 29, March 1:
Mack Sennett's "Down to the Sea in Shoes" followed by "When a Man's a Man"


Week of Sunday, March 2, 1924

March 2, 3:
"Midnight Cabaret" a comedy followed by Richard Barthelmess in "21"

March 4, 5:
"Don't Call It Love" with Agnes Ayres, Jack Holt, Nita Naldi, Theodore Kosloff, Rod La Rocque

March 6, 7, 8:
Part 3 of "Fighting Blood" followed by "Big Brother" with Tom Moore, Raymond Hatton, Edith Roberts, Mickey Bennett


Week of Sunday, March 9, 1924

March 9, 10, 11:
Thomas Meighan in "Pied Piper Malone" with Lois Wilson, George Fawcett

March 12: Thomas H. Ince Presents Douglas MacLean with Raymond Hatton, Marguerite de la Motte in "Man of Action"

March 13, 14, 15:
Zane Grey's "The Heritage of the Desert" an Irvin Willat Production with Bebe Daniels, Ernest Torrence, Noah Beery, Lloyd Hughes


Week of Sunday, March 16, 1924

March 16, 17, 18:
Will Rogers in "A Cowboy Sheik" followed by "The Eternal City" with Lionel Barrymore, Barbara La Marr, Bert Lytell, Montagu Love, Richard Bennett and 20,000 Others!

March 19, 20:
Glenn Hunter in "West of the Water Tower" with Ernest Torrence & May McAvoy

March 21, 22:
Part 3 of "Fighting Blood" followed by Reginald Denny in a dazzling story of the younger set "Sporting Youth"

Week of Sunday, March 23, 1924

March 23, 24, 25: Gloria Swanson in "The Humming Bird"

March 26: Katherine McDonald in "Refuge"

March 27, 28, 29: "The Cobbler" and Our Gang Comedy followed by STRONGHEART 'The Wonder Dog' in "The Love Master"

Week of Sunday, March 30, 1924

March 30, 31:
"Lilies of the Field" with Corinne Griffith and Conway Tearle

April 1, 2:
"Always Late" with Monty Banks followed by "Painted People" with Colleen Moore "The Flaming Youth Girl" supported by Anna Q. Nilsson, June Elvidge, Mary Alden, Mary Carr, Charles Murray, Russell Simpson and Bull Montana

April 3, 4, 5:
The Dippy Doo-Dads in "Stepping Out", next Part 4 of the "Fighting Blood" series, followed by Douglas MacLean in "Yankee Consul"

Week of Sunday, April 6, 1924

April 6, 7:
The Val Jeans "That Versatile Duo" Presenting "A Night in the Argentine: followed by main feature "Her Temporary Husband" with Owen Moore, Sidney Chaplin, Sylvia Breamer

April 8:
Cartoon comedy "Felix the Cat" and "Sharazad"

April 9, 10:
"Why Men Leave Home" with Lewis B. Stone, Helen Chadwick, Mary Carr

April 11, 12:
"Flowing Gold" with Anna Q. Nilsson and Milton Sills


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