c.1922 Color Tobacco Cards (U.K.)
These colorful tobacco cards measure approximately 1-7/16" X 2-1/2" and are from the United Kingdom.  Several British Stars are included (complete checklist below photo examples).  Cards have blank backs, are numbered on front along with the star's name and usually their studio.  Helping to date these is the presence in the set of young Jackie Coogan as well as several star's having "Walturdaw" listed as their studio.  Apparently this was the first film company in Britain, titled from a combination of the founders name's (Walker, Turner, and Dawson), which continued in film distribution until 1924*.  After looking up all 50 of the stars in this set on the imdb and taking that information into account I settled on 1922 as the likely date for this set, with 1924 probably being the latest possible date.  Following are 24 photo examples of cards in this set and underneath that a complete checklist.

1.   Ivy Close
2.   William Russell
3.   Tom Moore
4.   Jean Paige
5.   Milton Sills
6.   Mabel Normand
7.   Mae Marsh
8.   Guy Newall
9.   Peggy Hyland
10. Madge Kennedy
11. Buck Jones
12. Violet Hopson
13. Winnifred McCarthy
14. Marion Davies
15. May Allison
16. Anne Luther
17. Alice Joyce
18. Norma Talmadge
19. Madlaine Traverse
20. Ivy Duke
21. Bessie Love
22. Doris May
23. Jackie Coogan
24. Joan McLean
25. Sydney H. Folker
26. Shale Gardner
27. Charles Ray
28. George Walsh
29. Tom Mix
30. Stewart Rome
31. Larry Semon
32. Dustin Farnum
33. Jack Pickford
34. Pauline Frederick
35. Charlie Chaplin
36. Constance Talmadge
37. Bryant Washburn
38. Lawson Butt
39. Katherine MacDonald
40. Richard Barthelmess
41. June Caprice
42. William S. Hart
43. Isobel Elsom
44. Billie Burke
45. Constance Worth
46. Shirley Mason
47. Pearl White
48. Louise Lovely
49. Carol Halloway
50. Corinne Griffith

*Source: Who's Who of Victorian Cinema

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