1920's P & J Cadenazzi Caramel Cards

Large, postcard sized, 3-1/2" X 5-1/4" cards issued on paper stock from Argentina.  Unnumbered and undated, judging by the poses on the three that I've handled I'd say early to mid-1920's.  Included with a caramel product from P & J Cadenazzi.

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Reverse side of 1920s P&J Cadenazzi Caramel Card
Reverse of Card
1920s Rudolph Valentino P&J Cadenazzi Caramel Card
Rudolph Valentino
1920s Marion Davies P&J Cadenazzi Caramel Card
Marion Davies
1920s John Barrymore P&J Cadenazzi Caramel Card
John Barrymore

Besides the three cards pictured above I am also aware of cards of Barry Norton and John Williard.


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