1920* Cinema Chat Supplements

1910's Norma Talmadge Cinema Chat Supplement
Norma Talmadge
1910's Betty Blythe Cinema Chat Supplement
Betty Blythe
1910's Fannie Ward Cinema Chat Supplement
Fannie Ward
1910's Bonnie Hill Cinema Chat Supplement
Bonnie Hill
1910's Constance Worth Cinema Chat Supplement
Constance Worth
1910's Elaine Hammerstein Cinema Chat Supplement
Elaine Hammerstein

These measure 3-1/2" X 5-1/2" and resemble a standard post card at first glance, however when you flip them over their backs are blank (not the standard post card back).  They all mention "Cinema Chat" in the upper left corner, with the Bonnie Hill card going so far to read "Supplement to Cinema Chat," thus Cinema Chat must have been some sort of 1910-20's publication which released these as either inserts or mail-away premiums.  These are the only six that we had, acquired with a collection of standard post cards from a seller in England (thus these and the Cinema Chat publication itself are likely British in origin).  If you have any information please drop an e-mail to things@things-and-other-stuff.com.

* Date of issue is a guesstimate based upon researching the dates of the stars careers on the IMDb.

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