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1915 Felt Pennants

A checklist of the 103 different felt pennants I have seen is found below the images. 

From about 1915 these pennants measure approximately 2-7/8" wide by 7-3/4" across from the corner to the tip. The photo attached measures approximately 1-1/8" X 2".  These are often found stitched together.  Very similar to the baseball issue 1916 BF2 Ferguson Bakery Pennants, perhaps even part of the same set?

1915 GM Broncho Billy Anderson Felt Pennant
G.M. "Broncho Billy" Anderson

1915 Theda Bara Felt Pennant
Theda Bara

1915 Hobart Bosworth Felt Pennant
Hobart Bosworth

1915 Marguerite Clayton Felt Pennant
Marguerite Clayton

1915 Ethel Grandin Felt Pennant
Ethel Grandin

1915 J Warren Kerrigan Felt Pennant
Jack Kerrigan

1915 Robt Leonard Felt Pennant
Robert Leonard

1915 Harold Lockwood Felt Pennant
Harold Lockwood

1915 Cleo Madison Felt Pennant
Cleo Madison

1915 Robert Mantell Felt Pennant
Robert Mantell

1915 Vivian Martin Felt Pennant
Vivian Martin

1915 Claire McDowell Felt Pennant
Claire McDowell

1915 Nance O'Neil Felt Pennant
Nance O'Neil

1915 Mme. Petrova Felt Pennant
Mme. Petrova

1915 Dorothy Phillips Felt Pennant
Dorothy Phillips

1915 Isabel Rea Felt Pennant
Isabel Rea

1915 Franklin Ritchie Felt Pennant
Franklin Ritchie

1915 Myrtle Stedman Felt Pennant
Myrtle Stedman

1915 Grace Valentine Felt Pennant
Grace Valentine

1915 Marie Walcott Felt Pennant
Marie Walcamp

1915 Lillian Walker Felt Pennant
Lillian Walker

1915 Henry B Walthall Felt Pennant
Henry B. Walthall

1915 Clara Kimball Young Felt Pennant
Clara Kimball Young


Checklist of Known Movie Star Pennants (103...and counting):
G.M. Anderson - Essanay
Mary Anderson - Vitagraph
Roscoe Arbuckle - None
King Baggot - Universal
Leah Baird - None
Theda Bara - Fox
Ethel Barrymore - Universal (Also Metro)
Louise Bates - None
George Beban - None
Dorothy Bernard - Fox (Also seen with None)
Eugenie Besserer - Selig
Ruth Blair - None
Carlyle Blackwell - None
Hobart Bosworth None
Alice Brady - World
Helen Bray - Biograph
Rosetta Brice - None
Betty Brown - None
Francis X. Bushman - None
Charles Chaplin - Essanay
Yvonne Chappelle - None
Ethel Clayton - None
Marguerite Clayton - Essanay
Bobby Connelly - Vitagraph
Robert Conness - Edison
Grace Cunard - Universal
Arnold Daly - Pathe
Viola Dana - Edison
Bud Duncan - Kalem
Dustin Farnum - Bosworth
William Farnum - Fox
Irene Fenwick - Kleine
Flora Finch - - Vitagraph
Francis Ford - Universal (also seen with None)
Victoria Forde - None
Mary Fuller - Universal
Jane Gail - Universal
Helen Gibson - None
Julia Swayne Gordon - Vitagraph
Ethel Grandin - Kleine (also seen with None)
Creighton Hale - None
Robert Harron - Mutual
Hobart Henley - Universal
Gerda Holmes - United Photo Players
Alice Joyce - Essanay
Darwin Karr - None
June Keith - Essanay
Jack Kerrigan - None
Florence LaBadie - Mutual (Also seen with None)
Jane Lee - Fox
Robert Leonard - Universal
James Levering - None
Harold Lockwood - None
L. Rogers Lytton - Vitagraph
Marc MacDermott - None
Cleo Madison - Universal
Edna Maison - Universal
Robert Mantell - Fox
Helen Marten - None
Vivian Martin - World
Claire McDowell - None
Burr McIntosh - Pathe
Harry Meyers - Universal
Tom Mix - None
Antonio Moreno - None
Mabel Normand - None
Nance O'Neil - Fox
Henry W. Pemberton - None
Mme. Petrova - Metro
Tyrone Power - Selig
Dorothy Phillips - Universal
Mary Pickford - Famous Players
Herbert Rawlinson - Universal
Isabel Rea - Biograph
Billie Rhodes - Universal
Vivian Rich - American Mutual
Jack Richardson - Mustang Mutual
Cleo Ridgley - Lasky
Billie Ritchie - Universal
Franklin Ritchie - Biograph
Gertrude Robinson - None
Ruth Roland - None
Thomas Santschi - Selig
Hector V. Sarno - Biograph
Gertrude Selby - Universal
Brinsley Shaw - Universal
E. Phillips Smalley - Universal
Marguerite Snow - None
Myrtle Steadman - None (also seen with Oliver Morosco)
Anita Stewart - Vitagraph
Edith Storey - None
Blanche Sweet - Lasky
Lucille Taft - None
Rosemary Theby - None
Madeline Traverse - World
Charles W. Travis - None
Grace Valentine - Gaumont Mutual
Marie Walcamp - Universal
Lillian Walker - Viotagraph
Henry B. Walthall - None
Claire White - None
Pearl White - Pathe (Also seen with None)
Earle Williams - Vitagraph (also seen with None)
Kathlyn Williams - Selig
Ben Wilson - Universal
Clara Kimball Young - None (also seen with World)