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1915 Chicago Sunday Tribune Supplement Photos

Okay, I'm picturing two items in this particular Photo ID Guide, however only one can be confirmed as an actual Chicago Sunday Tribune Supplement Photo because it is so stated in the border of the picture.  The other is so similar in size, tone and consistency though that I don't think I'm making a huge leap in my assumption

The Mary Pickford is the item which definitely fits the bill having a note over Pickford's image of "Supplement to The Chicago Sunday Tribune" and again at the bottom "Chicago Sunday Tribune, Feb. 28th 1915."  The Billie Burke piece has no such markings and is of slightly different size with the Pickford measuring 9-1/4" X 11-1/8" and the Burke measuring 8-3/4" X 11-3/8", close, but not quite the same.  Both items have blank backs.

Still, if they are different then I have no idea what the actual Billie Burke piece is.  That said, from the appearance of Miss Burke, I'd say the date is appropriate and that the items are very similar, so there's no better spot on the site to put the Burke piece than this page.

1915 Mary Pickford Chicago Sunday Tribune Supplement
Mary Pickford
Circa 1915 Billie Burke Supplement Photo
Billie Burke